There is absolutely no organisation, on Earth, which treats genuine polities, non-polities, and professionals like Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA).

If your family, organisation, nomadic group, sedentary group, inhabited locality, or inhabited area does not join, there will always be Sovereign States, but non-States will never have enough power to justify their existence beyond a single generation, or if they currently have some power as inhabited localities and inhabited areas only, then they will continue to lose power to increasingly power-hungry Sovereign States. Only you can change the way many polities and supporting organisations are treated.

Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) is open to genuine professionals who support our philosophy, who can join as Observers; to some special individuals who today are treated only as minors, but who are smarter or more admirable than a lot of adults, and who can also join as Observers; to single-parent families, childless families, blood-relative families, nuclear families, extended families, and even poly families, all of which can join as Observers; to Royal Families and Poly Communities, which can even join PDA as Micronations, and thus as real polities and Members; and finally, PDA is also open to nomadic groups (Bands, Clans and Micronations), sedentary groups (Tribes, Nations and Neotribes), inhabited localities (Parishes, Villages, Towns, Cities, Metropolises and Diaxenospitias), inhabited areas (Country Subdivisions and Dinsystems), and Sovereign States (Former Colonies, Junior Microstates, Developing Countries, Microstates and Advanced Countries).

Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) does not exist to push secession, or any other political value. It exists for less controversial reasons. PDA is politically neutral, for it does not exist to promote or forward any political policy or change, but only to enable diplomatic and paradiplomatic entities (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth World entities) to work with each other in a truly open forum.

Relations with global civil society (with professionals, families, companies, multinationals, NGOs and INGOs), and any advantages it can realise, will also be possible.

Paradiplomatic Affairs also issues independent intellectual property instruments such as Print Monopolies, Enterprise Names, Enterprise Marks, and PDA Patents, and is involved in the development of classifications and standards (PDA Categories).

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